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    My application



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    My application

    Post by silen92 on Mon 15 Nov 2010, 02:53

    Real name: Svilen

    Age: 17

    Where are you from: Bulgaria/Rousse

    Main Character (name and class): Avary Preist

    Alts (names and classes): i got only one alt Sicknesz class:dk

    Your character's Off and Main Specs: main spec: discipline, off spec: shadow

    Proffessions: i have no any proffessions atm

    What are your in-game interests? PvP? PvE? no matter for me

    Are you the sole user of your account? yes I'am

    How do you classify your amount of playing hours? Often? Average? Infrequent? Often, 3-4 hours per day

    Why Ghost Division over other guilds? I want to join Ghost Divison? because i think its good guild and people there help each other.

    What are your previous guilds,and why you left or got kicked from them? its my first guild on wotlk. Before i play TBC 3-4 years.And Maby 3-4 months wotlk on mmorpg4all before it disappears

    Can any of our current guild members vouch for you? If so, type their name here. Viko can vouch me

    Additional information. This is your chance to make an impression on us,use it wisely.

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    Re: My application

    Post by Viktor on Mon 15 Nov 2010, 03:15

    Beside the fact that my eyes are bleeding now, i dont like the app. -1
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    Re: My application

    Post by Vladcho on Tue 16 Nov 2010, 03:20

    silen92 wrote:
    Additional information. This is your chance to make an impression on us,use it wisely.

    hell no Suspect
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    Re: My application

    Post by Ziggo on Tue 16 Nov 2010, 04:49

    App is fine, yes my eyes are bleeding also.

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    Re: My application

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