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    svekaram's app

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    svekaram's app

    Post by Svekaram on Sun 10 Apr 2011, 16:40

    Real name: Aleksandar


    Where are you from: Serbia-Novi Sad

    Main Character (name and class): Svekaram resto/feral-druid (full pve gear for all 3 specs)

    Alts (names and classes): Ammun retri/holy-paladin (full pvp gear for both classes and pve gear for holy)

    Your character's Off and Main Specs:

    Proffessions: On Svekaram-inscription/enchanting and on Ammun-jewelcrafting

    What are your in-game interests? PvP? PvE? well i do both but i like pve more...

    Time Zone: GMT+1

    Are you the sole user of your account? Yes but one of members of ghost division has the pass for my accounts-Holyrest

    How do you classify your amount of playing hours? Often? Average? Infrequent? hmmm often as i can... when i see a scheduled graid i will be online...

    Why Ghost Division over other guilds? Well i was in ghost division and its the only guild i want to be in...

    What are your previous guilds,and why you left or got kicked from them? I was in ghost division and i left it about 2 months ago because i stopped playing(the reason is school-i had preparations for colledge entry exam) and i gave my chars to a bit ILL-TEMPERED friend... so i told him to leave the guild because i know he wouldnt do anything... But now i started playing again and i dont think i will stop it...

    Can any of our current guild members vouch for you? If so, type their name here. Hmmm well probably all of them, maybe except stefan- i think he's mad at me Razz

    Additional information. This is your chance to make an impression on us,use it wisely. Well i dont like talking about myself.... u saw i was a cool guy and i havent changed so....

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    Re: svekaram's app

    Post by Amorey on Sun 10 Apr 2011, 21:41

    +++++ Smile
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    Re: svekaram's app

    Post by Cilena on Mon 11 Apr 2011, 18:10

    i hope you will be one of us again :-) +
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    Re: svekaram's app

    Post by Shineeh on Mon 11 Apr 2011, 21:17

    Oh hell yeah Very Happy +10
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    Re: svekaram's app

    Post by Thimos on Wed 13 Apr 2011, 06:44

    Wery big plus men, you no bg +1
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    Re: svekaram's app

    Post by Stefan on Mon 18 Apr 2011, 22:36


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    Re: svekaram's app

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