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    Whirlwind application


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    Whirlwind application

    Post by HowlingWhirlwind on Sun 01 May 2011, 05:48

    Real name: Nikola

    Age: 17

    Where are you from: I'm from Bulgaria

    Main Character (name and class):
    Main Character Is my mage Howling but he is full s8 so I play more with my dk Whirlwind
    Alts (names and classes):
    HallØwed lock undead,Raubz shaman draenei,Split undead rogue,Twilights druid tuaren

    Your character's Off and Main Specs:
    Whirlwind main frost off unholy,
    Howling main frost off Fire/Arcane.

    Engineering & Mining
    What are your in-game interests? PvP? PvE?
    I like them both so I can't say.

    Time Zone:
    Are you the sole user of your account?
    Yes,only I know my password.

    How do you classify your amount of playing hours? Often? Average? Infrequent?
    Well I play about 6-7 hours/Often

    Why Ghost Division over other guilds?
    Well u make PvE that's cool Smile So i were before in the guild as warrior named Fastfurious Very Happy

    What are your previous guilds,and why you left or got kicked from them?
    On Howling I was in The Knights Who Say Nii but they aren't so good.On Whirlwind I'm at GrmmurggllMrlggrlGlrgg but they suck they cant even do the first boss at ICC 10 ....

    Can any of our current guild members vouch for you? If so, type their name here.
    I think Shineeh will. Smile

    Additional information. This is your chance to make an impression on us,use it wisely.
    I love my familly and friends,I train swimming twice a week,I'm good at school.
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    Re: Whirlwind application

    Post by Shineeh on Sun 01 May 2011, 07:11

    Ofc I will vouch for you Very Happy
    +20 Razz
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    Re: Whirlwind application

    Post by Cilena on Sun 01 May 2011, 07:17

    Nice appli.
    +1 from meh Smile

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    Re: Whirlwind application

    Post by Amorey on Sun 01 May 2011, 07:42

    +1 from meee Smile cheers
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    Re: Whirlwind application

    Post by Vladcho on Sun 01 May 2011, 07:54

    OMG Cool avatar.OMG Bulgarian.OMG Whordie ... OMG I ended up giving a + again Suspect


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    Re: Whirlwind application

    Post by paladinoz on Mon 02 May 2011, 01:45

    Nice App Smile
    + From me.
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    Re: Whirlwind application

    Post by 0ipunk on Mon 02 May 2011, 05:27

    Cool app. bro +
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    Re: Whirlwind application

    Post by Neravarine on Tue 03 May 2011, 02:06

    as much as I saw on horde
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    Re: Whirlwind application

    Post by Svekaram on Tue 03 May 2011, 04:48

    nice app and seems usefull... + from me! Smile
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    Re: Whirlwind application

    Post by Beatrix on Tue 03 May 2011, 21:26

    I have similar opinion as Svekaram, I'll give +
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    Re: Whirlwind application

    Post by Thimos on Fri 06 May 2011, 23:00

    Thimos is a nigger that cant vouch? Mkay. Nub. +
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    Re: Whirlwind application

    Post by Stefan on Sat 07 May 2011, 22:35


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    Re: Whirlwind application

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