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    Rvenge application



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    Rvenge application

    Post by luismp on Sun 08 May 2011, 02:48

    Hi, Im Luís Pereira and Im 18 years old. Born and raised in Portugal. xD

    My main char is a elemental shaman (Rvenge) and both specs are elemental (pvp and pve) but I can easily change one to resto because I have resto gear. It has Jewelcrafting and Mining.

    I have two alts, one Shadow Priest (Feelthisin) with holy off-spec (no lvled profs :S) and one destruction warlock (Devilsoul) with affliction off-spec (Inscription and Herbalism).
    Note: I also have some chars from Frozenskull but as you all know I will have to wait for them (ticket #801).

    In-game i spent almost of my time doing pvp and its kinda of the major reason that Im applying here because I know that U are good at pve and I like more to do pve.

    My time zone is UTC+0 Lisbon (same as London | +1h server time).

    Only my partner knows my acc info to use my profs.

    I spent around 5h per day in wow so i can say average.

    Your guild is one of best's in server so... xD. I like your more then the other guild's because i think u guys have more to offer then the rest. You are good at pve and thats kinda becoming hard to find in mmorpg4all!

    I didnt left yet, my guild still is Sinners Hell, and i pretend to leave them because they are dead. They never was a top guild in the server and now with most of the people playing on retail that guild doesnt add anything to my gameplay.

    I dont know anyone from Ghost Division. Sad

    I hope you guys like what i have to offer and good luck in your lifes!

    Luís Pereira.
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    Re: Rvenge application

    Post by Neravarine on Sun 08 May 2011, 03:08

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    Re: Rvenge application

    Post by Svekaram on Sun 08 May 2011, 03:40

    i like your english so + Smile
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    Re: Rvenge application

    Post by Shineeh on Sun 08 May 2011, 04:15

    One of better apps +
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    Re: Rvenge application

    Post by paladinoz on Sun 08 May 2011, 06:42

    Nice App Smile
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    Re: Rvenge application

    Post by Thimos on Mon 09 May 2011, 01:40

    Wery gut epp +
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    Re: Rvenge application

    Post by Beatrix on Mon 09 May 2011, 07:31

    I really like his form of application,

    + from me.

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    Re: Rvenge application

    Post by Amorey on Tue 10 May 2011, 04:23

    you have ++++++ from meeee Smile cheers
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    Re: Rvenge application

    Post by Cilena on Thu 12 May 2011, 00:22

    you´ve got my + B-)
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    Re: Rvenge application

    Post by Stefan on Sun 15 May 2011, 20:26


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    Re: Rvenge application

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