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    Post by Neravarine on Tue 17 Aug 2010, 20:15

    1.Few word about you? My Rl name is Nikola or on English it would sound like Nikolas, but every1 calls me Jones so u can call me Jones 2 or Nera if that looks like batter 2 u, I am 18y old born in 1992 on 21st of April, I live in Serbia , town of Valjevo, Well about my personality there is not much 2 say, many ppl love me , even more hate me , still i am hard core orthodox christian and pagan in some way so do not start any religious discussion with me. i do not with 2 be boring but i also wanted 2 say that i listen 2 Metal music , My favorite band is Behemoth , and my favorite Drink is Absinthe.

    2.Why do you want to join us? Well on the ally side i do not have much friends and few friend i have at ally side are at Ghost Division and i like the name and the song ofc. and as i saw by now guild has good organization by looking at rest of m4a guilds. so i myself would like 2 be part of it.

    3.Main character? My main is Nerevarine at horde side but i will be playing my Main-Alt at ally side and its name is Patriarch , it is paladin and i hope 2 gear it 2 be holy, even if i played retry pala for longer then 3y

    4.Alts?(Names,specs) n/a

    5.What proffesions you've got on your characters? nothing yet but soon enough

    6.What are your previous guilds?Why you left them or you've been kicked? On new m4a i am in Army of Darkness horde , on Molten/Mystery i am high ranged member of BlackTrains, and i never left any guilds in my life , only disbanded ones.

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    Re: Neravarine-Application

    Post by Viktor on Tue 17 Aug 2010, 20:19

    Two big Thumbs up.
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    Re: Neravarine-Application

    Post by Vladcho on Tue 17 Aug 2010, 20:52

    Luv ya,Accepted Razz

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    Re: Neravarine-Application

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