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    Humanwarr applicating - Denied


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    Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by svetkavia1 on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 03:14

    1. Name: Svetlin Tomanov
    2. Age: 16
    3. Location + Time zone: Bulgaria (GMT+2)
    4. Tell us something about yourself:(school, job, hobbies, etc..)
    Well I go to the First English Language School so my English is pretty good Wink My hobbies are football, drawing and gaming...

    Character INFORMATION
    1. Main character: (Humanwarr, Human, Warrior, 80)
    2. Specialization: Arms (primary), Fury (secondary)
    Main spec:
    Off spec:

    3. How long have you been playing your current class and spec? For About 2 years.
    4. What are your professions and are they on maximum skill? I have Jewellcrafting (450)
    5. Screenshot of your interface, stats and DPS on a dummy target.
    6. What made you create this character? I played on retri pala before and I just wanted to change classes...

    1. How long have you been playing WoW? Since 2006... So 5 years
    2. How do you classify your playing time? In the evenings. About 2-3 hours.
    3. What do you prefer, PvP or PvE? Why? I prefer PvP cause I play against ppl but I enjoy PvE, too.
    4. Are you able to use Team Speak? Sometimes...
    5. Have you played on retail? If yes, for how long? No.
    6. What is your raiding experience? Pretty good... Have about 10 10man ICC and 10-12 25man...
    7. Are you the sole user of your account? Yes.
    8. What addons are you currently using? QH, recount, OmniCC, GS and probably others that I don't use...
    9. What made you choose Ghost Division? It's the best guild on the server... PvP or PvE...
    10. Why should we invite you? Because I can contribute with my skill in the PvP and with my good DPS in the raids... And I'm really friendly and helpful...
    11. Will you attend a raid even if you don't need any gear? Yes. If I have the time.
    12. What are your previous guilds and why are you no longer part of them? Well I had some debates with the leader...
    13. Can anyone from our guild vouch for you? Raa.

    Entertain us: (favorite song, movie, joke, quote, etc..)
    Favorite song... Well most of Guetta - probably Little Bad Girl Wink
    Movie - The Shawshenk Redemption.

    (You don´t need to answer those questions, but it will be nice if you do.)
    1. Do you play any other video games? FIFA 12 and Assassin's Creed.
    2. Describe yourself to us in the best possible way: Friend;y, Helping, Entertaining...

    I hope I am worthy of the guild Smile
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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by Deathwisher on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 03:26

    Thumbs down.
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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by Shineeh on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 03:27

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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by Thimos on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 03:28

    Aren't apps closed for fury warriors?

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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by Dokter on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 04:18

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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by Ziggo on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 06:05

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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by nightlord on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 06:20

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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by Neurotic on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 07:37

    Thumbs Down
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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by Beatrix on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 08:46

    Auto-decline to warrs.

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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by Greekpriest on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 08:57

    Good application. We had long time to see a guy to have good english skills.

    Hope your arms is not your pve spec. And if the fury was your pve spec then it kinda fails.

    I would thumb u up if u had a class that we need but we are full on warriors.

    Thumb down

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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by paladinoz on Mon 07 Nov 2011, 09:30

    Your Application is Fine But Srry :No more wars.
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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by Disembowel on Wed 09 Nov 2011, 23:42



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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by NenchO on Thu 10 Nov 2011, 00:16

    No more warriors.

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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by profesoraa on Thu 10 Nov 2011, 01:54

    First : Your talents are not very well For PVE Fury 4/67/0.
    Second : You don't have link of your Interface.You can make color app's with small link maybe that makes your app's beautiful.Separately we have many warrior in guild.
    If your have time make new app's with new talant for PVE color app's small link ,make reply to all question and maybe then you can take Positive vote.My final response is Thumb down.

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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by krisr8 on Thu 10 Nov 2011, 03:45

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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

    Post by Cilena on Thu 10 Nov 2011, 05:12

    NOTE: We currently do not accept any Paladins,arms and fury Warriors or Rogues as main characters.


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    Re: Humanwarr applicating - Denied

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