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    Post by Sikaram on Tue 15 Nov 2011, 18:41

    Hi all
    my name is Hossin
    my age is 18 years old
    my Specialty is Computer i am in the School yet.
    i dont working yet in anywhere and i can online more Peaple.
    i love the Blaksmiting+tiloring and i have both of them becuase i know the Blaksmiting for Paladin tank is Very good and Tiloring For healer.
    I played 5 years in Word of warcraft 3years in Molten and 2yerse here.

    I´m playing pala about 5 year at other molten + mmorpg4all with same talents as i link. I want do blaksmiting+Tiloring at my main char, Bcoz of Make Lacuna on my item i have them. I made pala bcoz i like healing all and go on boss , stuns and i can Online everytime. I have alt. name of him Bahar full pve
    I spent 5 years at wow, and i think i know how to play.
    How do you classify your playing time?: i love the pve and pvp but more pve.
    I am able to use team speak
    I am only one who can use my acc at wow.
    Ussing only gearscore addons, but i can download more if needs.
    Appollonios, friend of mine told me about Ghost division.
    I can go raid even i need a gear tank , if it will be a good party.
    I dont have a previous guilds at this server, im kind of new there.

    Thank you for reading and i hope i will be helpfull at Ghost division soon.

    Sikaram, Human Paladin cheers

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