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    Ragemaster App's - Denied



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    Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by Ragemaster on Sat 19 Nov 2011, 09:20

    1. Name:Nemanja
    2. Age:17
    3. Location + Time zone:Serbia-Zajecar +1
    4. Tell us something about yourself:I am and ordinary guy. Love to play football,tennis etc. I like to listen house,rap music. Nothing more to say.

    Character INFORMATION
    1. Main character: Ragemaster|Human|Warrior|level 80
    2. Specialization: Fury/Arms Instead of Amrs i will put Prot. as soon as i finish with PvP-ing. Note:I got a few tanking items like 6-7 and i hope that i will amend my bag's to be enough for tankink one normal raid.
    Main spec:
    Off spec:
    I will put my arms spec but as soon as i change to Prot. i will put that one too if needed.

    3. How long have you been playing your current class and spec?Well i have been playing this class from 1-2 years also the spec.
    4. What are your professions and are they on maximum skill?Minning/Bs at max skill.
    5. Screenshot of your interface, stats and DPS on a dummy target.
    6. What made you create this character?Idk.. I guess i was curious to find out how is that to play a warr, i mean is it hard or what and that was it.

    1. How long have you been playing WoW? I think its 2 years.
    2. How do you classify your playing time? Mostly i play 2-3 hour per day exept when i got some stuff's with studying or something like that, or if something comes up then i am prevented to play.
    3. What do you prefer, PvP or PvE? Why? Since PvP sux as hell on mmo and there are a lot of bugs and everyone abusse someting i preffer PvE but at the moment i am playing PvP because of my friends and brother. We are fooling around with other player's and generaly that's it.
    4. Are you able to use Team Speak? Yes.
    5. Have you played on retail? If yes, for how long?No.
    6. What is your raiding experience?On mmo i pass throught almost all exept Ulduar and some smillar instances.
    7. Are you the sole user of your account?Yes.
    8. What addons are you currently using? Bartender4,DBM,Quartz,Recount,Sexymap ^^ ...
    9. What made you choose Ghost Division? I got a few friends in there and from their's words you are a good and organized guild and i would love to be part of it.
    10. Why should we invite you? Well idk, but i am always up for raiding.
    11. Will you attend a raid even if you don't need any gear?Yes its not all about gear and items..
    12. What are your previous guilds and why are you no longer part of them?I am a part of Sanctuary.
    13. Can anyone from our guild vouch for you? Fat cow=Shiggs can.

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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by Thimos on Sat 19 Nov 2011, 22:22

    If I see that joke one more time, I will insta close the topic. Anyway, thumbs down from me, apps are closed for those specs.
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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by Shineeh on Sat 19 Nov 2011, 22:34

    Buhuhu, TD
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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by NenchO on Sun 20 Nov 2011, 00:45

    Ragemaster wrote:7.Alts:Randomnabs|Druid|Resto/Balance.

    And he seems like a nice guy. +1
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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by Neurotic on Sun 20 Nov 2011, 07:04

    he is nice guy, good talents but i think we don't need more warrior's

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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by Dokter on Mon 21 Nov 2011, 00:04

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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by Greekpriest on Mon 21 Nov 2011, 02:07

    No moar warriors. TD

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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by appollonios on Mon 21 Nov 2011, 02:43

    TD... sorry
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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by Anetheras on Mon 21 Nov 2011, 02:44

    No need for more Warriors.... otherwise I'd give you a TU.

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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by Beatrix on Mon 21 Nov 2011, 03:04

    Insta decline, read application center for classes we need.
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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by Neravarine on Mon 21 Nov 2011, 03:21

    too lazy to read

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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by Deathwisher on Mon 21 Nov 2011, 04:05

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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

    Post by Cilena on Mon 21 Nov 2011, 22:10


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    Re: Ragemaster App's - Denied

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