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    Mawerick|Markmanship|Hunter - Accepted

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    Mawerick|Markmanship|Hunter - Accepted

    Post by Mawerick on Sat 17 Dec 2011, 22:39

    1. Name:Veljko
    2. Age:17
    3. Location + Time zone:Serbia/Belgrade/GMT +1
    4. Tell us something about yourself:Well i go to high school,i like wow and i play Crysis sometimes

    Character INFORMATION
    1. Main character:Mawerick|N.Elf|Hunter|80 lvl
    2. Specialization:Markmanship (pve and pvp)
    Main spec: (PvE) + serpet sting,kill shot and hawk glyphs
    Off spec: (PvP) + aimed shot,chimera shot,kill shot glyphs
    3. How long have you been playing your current class and spec?About 7 months
    4. What are your professions and are they on maximum skill?Engineering and Mining (Both on 450)
    5. Screenshot of your interface, stats and DPS on a dummy target.Here
    6. What made you create this character?well i got this hunter from my friend, but i played with hunter since my first day. I simply love hunter Razz santa
    7.Alts:No alts (for now) ;D

    1. How long have you been playing WoW?almost 14 months
    2. How do you classify your playing time?4+ hours a day
    3. What do you prefer, PvP or PvE? Why?I prefer PVE cuz i like teamwork and good atmosphere in graids
    4. Are you able to use Team Speak?Yap, i think so.. (i have ts 3)
    5. Have you played on retail? If yes, for how long?Nah..
    6. What is your raiding experience?Some TBC instances and almost all WOTLK instances (exept bugged ones)
    7. Are you the sole user of your account? yes
    8. What addons are you currently using?Gladius,DBM,Gs,Atlas loot, and im planing to download Recount
    9. What made you choose Ghost Division?I have few friends here and they told me that your guild is awesome,and graids are good
    10. Why should we invite you?I Will help everyone who needs help,and i will be active
    11. Will you attend a raid even if you don't need any gear?yeah,ofc
    12. What are your previous guilds and why are you no longer part of them?Lone District(not so pve active, and the guild is falling apart)
    13. Can anyone from our guild vouch for you?Neurotic,Vutraman and Pakshu

    Entertain us:My favourite song is Paradice City, Favourite movie is LOTR...
    Joke:I went to the psychiatrist, and he says "You're crazy." I tell him I want a second opinion. He says, "Okay, you're ugly too!"

    (You don´t need to answer those questions, but it will be nice if you do.)
    1. Do you play any other video games?Crysis 2, AC:revelations,Dota
    2. Describe yourself to us in the best possible way:I want to make new friendships,and im open for new advice
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    Re: Mawerick|Markmanship|Hunter - Accepted

    Post by NenchO on Sun 18 Dec 2011, 02:12

    I don't like it.
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    Re: Mawerick|Markmanship|Hunter - Accepted

    Post by Shineeh on Sun 18 Dec 2011, 07:27

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    Re: Mawerick|Markmanship|Hunter - Accepted

    Post by Cilena on Sun 18 Dec 2011, 19:55

    NenchO wrote:I don't like it.

    Colours? (Your favourit, a? Very Happy Very Happy) Or App...xD
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    Re: Mawerick|Markmanship|Hunter - Accepted

    Post by Neurotic on Sun 18 Dec 2011, 22:42

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    Re: Mawerick|Markmanship|Hunter - Accepted

    Post by Vutraman on Mon 19 Dec 2011, 05:18



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    Re: Mawerick|Markmanship|Hunter - Accepted

    Post by Pakshu on Mon 19 Dec 2011, 10:04

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    Re: Mawerick|Markmanship|Hunter - Accepted

    Post by Cilena on Wed 21 Dec 2011, 18:54


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    Re: Mawerick|Markmanship|Hunter - Accepted

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