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    Post by razorblade on Tue 03 Jan 2012, 02:09

    1. Name:Sean Botha.
    2. Age:17
    3. Location + Time zone:+2GMT
    4. Tell us something about yourself:i like to throw lan party's and i listen to music alot.

    Character INFORMATIONrazorblade
    1. Main character: main=(magothunter,night elf,druid,80)
    2. Specialization:ret pvp and ret pve
    Main,,12213 ..ret pvp
    Off spec:,,12213 ..pve ret
    3. How long have you been playing your current class and spec?i playd paladin from 2008 and have always played ret.
    4. What are your professions and are they on maximum skill?engineering and mining..(450)
    5. Screenshot of your interface, stats and DPS on a dummy target.Use:
    6. What made you create this character?i love to play paladin.and il always will.
    (razorblades,ret ,holly and tank,paladin)

    1. How long have you been playing WoW?3-4 year's if not more.
    2. How do you classify your playing time?i can play anytime but not when its tests.or during school ofc. Very Happy
    3. What do you prefer, PvP or PvE? Why?i do mostly pve(but i do enjoy both).
    4. Are you able to use Team Speak?yes
    5. Have you played on retail? If yes, for how long?no
    6. What is your raiding experience?if done all bosses in icc not killed LK but tried it.and i know all tactics
    7. Are you the sole user of your account?yes i am.
    8. What addons are you currently using?DBM.move
    9. What made you choose Ghost Division?its a realy realy awesome guild the members is very friendly and i want to be part of the family.
    10. Why should we invite you?i can bring my part in raids help any guildie out.
    11. Will you attend a raid even if you don't need any gear?yes i will always.
    12. What are your previous guilds and why are you no longer part of them?lone district..kicked for linking achievment on global.
    13. Can anyone from our guild vouch for you? Happy New Year courtney.batica.anetheras.

    Entertain us: (favourite song, movie, joke, quote, etc..)..i love to listen to dubstep.

    PS:i know you guys dont accept paladins but i can make my alt as my main please consider me thank's in advance. Smile

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    Post by NenchO on Wed 04 Jan 2012, 07:00

    DECLINED for ninjaing in Ghost Division guild raid which was his DPS test, mostly.

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