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    1. Name:

    2. Age:

    3. Location Time zone:

    City and Contry: Algerian/M'sila

    5. Tell us something about yourself:im playing wow a 5years i'm student

    Character INFORMATION

    1. Main character: Divoronas

    2.Race: Human

    3.Level: 80


    5.Gear 6.1gs PVp 5.8gs pve tank 5.7gs Pve Fury

    6.Main Spec:

    7.Off Spec:

    8.ProFission: i Dont have Profision Smile

    3. How long have you been playing your current: Really as when i started to play wow



    1. How long have you been playing WoW?5years

    2. How do you classify your playing time? i can play after school And In Night

    3. What do you prefer, PvP or PvE? Why?i
    perfer PVE Because I Like Ppl Playing In raid And All Play One Target Kill boss Smile

    4. Are you can to use Team Speak?Yeas

    6. What is your raiding experience? kara-Icc-BT- icc-toc-c-naxx-Voa-Os.

    7. Are you the sole user of your account? Yes is Main Char Just me

    8. What addons are you currently using?Just Gear Scour

    9. What made you choose Ghost Division?:well there is some friends in there GD

    10. Why should we invite you?well,I'm player as a Warrior i can make a good dps and helping others with my Gear In Icc Or Some raid For help Low Gs

    11. Will you attend a raid even if you don't need any gear? why not i will we're all part of One family

    12. What are your previous guilds and why are you Left: the SHattered Sun - Project Alliance-And Some Other i left Because he is Not Good Guild Is not One family

    13. Can anyone from our guild vouch for you? maybe Nightlord Smile
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