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    Reita wants inv!



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    Reita wants inv!

    Post by muamers1994 on Thu 28 Oct 2010, 08:57

    1.Few word about you?(Like real name,age,location,personality and etc.)
    I'm Muamer Smajic, 16 years old, from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    2.Why do you want to join us?
    I want to join the guild because I have heard from many friends of mine that the guild wants serious people and that it's very good for both PvE & PvP.I want to enjoy my game with people that have taste in it.I like helping people and I like it even more when they are nicer enough to return the favour.And this is what being a guild is all about,helping each other while enjoying the game.

    3.Main character?(Name,spec.We don't need tallent trees,still if you want to impress us you could put one.)
    Reita Destruction.

    Blackblonde Arms.

    5.What proffesions you've got on your characters?
    I'm Tailor and Enchanter on Reita.

    6.What are your previous guilds?Why you left them or you've been kicked?
    Sunshine Chaos i left bcz i more active guild with more PVP players....

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    Re: Reita wants inv!

    Post by Vladcho on Thu 28 Oct 2010, 09:12

    me likey!

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    Re: Reita wants inv!

    Post by Viktor on Thu 28 Oct 2010, 18:26


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    Re: Reita wants inv!

    Post by H!lera on Thu 28 Oct 2010, 18:28

    Hi Reita cheers ! +1
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    Re: Reita wants inv!

    Post by NenchO on Fri 29 Oct 2010, 00:18

    Vladcho wrote:me likey!
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    Re: Reita wants inv!

    Post by The Collector on Fri 29 Oct 2010, 08:27

    shiet im impressed this was the best apply i read today and the fact him being my countryman makes me so proud ^^

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    Re: Reita wants inv!

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