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    nixaa's app



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    nixaa's app

    Post by Nixaaa on Thu 02 Dec 2010, 08:55

    Real name:Milan


    Where are you from:Serbia,Novi Sad

    Main Character (name and class):Nzmm(Unholy Dk gs 5300)

    Alts (names and classes):Nixaa (Destruction Warlock gs 5400),Shammii (Elemental Shaman low gs 3600)

    Your character's Off and Main Specs:

    Proffessions:Nixaa: Jewelcrafting(300),mining(450)
    Nzmm:inscrption(450),herbalisam(450),firt aid(450)

    What are your in-game interests? PvP? PvE?
    Both PvP and PvE
    Time Zone:GMT+1

    Are you the sole user of your account? Yes i am
    How do you classify your amount of playing hours? Often? Average? Infrequent?
    Why Ghost Division over other guilds?
    I have some friends in this guild,they've told me that u r the best guild on the server Smile
    What are your previous guilds,and why you left or got kicked from them?
    Justice for all,Take over control,... they werent active enough,and i wanted to join this guild
    Can any of our current guild members vouch for you? If so, type their name here.
    Additional information.i would be really grateful if got an invite.I will not disappoint u in any way
    i will try my best to help to the members of the guild Smile thank you infront
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    Re: nixaa's app

    Post by Tankall on Thu 02 Dec 2010, 09:20

    seems to bring a co-operative posture... +1
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    Re: nixaa's app

    Post by pawnista on Thu 02 Dec 2010, 17:49

    You forgot me m8 Smile
    +1 ofc Smile
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    Re: nixaa's app

    Post by Djosko on Thu 02 Dec 2010, 20:35

    I don't know him....but look like nice guy....+1 from me Smile
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    Re: nixaa's app

    Post by Struti on Thu 02 Dec 2010, 22:13

    Even the apply is thin, I could consider my agreement for his english skills....lets say its 50% from my side.
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    Re: nixaa's app

    Post by The Collector on Fri 03 Dec 2010, 13:41

    hmm it looks liek it is copyed from a previous applys Very Happy so im gonna stay neutral here
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    Re: nixaa's app

    Post by Vladcho on Sun 12 Dec 2010, 23:32



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    Re: nixaa's app

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